We all acknowledge that we experience an unprecedented situation, making every one of us more concerned about the future. The feeling of protection is now more important than ever. At Altius Insurance

, we react to these major concerns of our society by introducing the launching of Altius Covid-19 Protection Plan, a new benefit package of life and health insurance plans. In order to satisfy current public insurance requests, this newly developed insurance benefit package includes the following insurance plans offered by Altius Insurance, combined with enhanced coverage in case of life loss due to Covid-19:

• Life Insurance
• Permanent Total Disability
• Altius Hypercover 35 (35 Critical Illnesses)
• Waiver of Premium Payments

Altius Covid-19 protection plan is an upgraded and all-inclusive life insurance package, providing the insured with absolute protection.
This new budget - affordable protection package of Altius Insurance is offered with a 20% discount for the general public, as part of the company's Corporate Social Responsibility program and a 30% discount for all individuals employed in the medical and health sector, as an appreciation for their great effort during the pandemic. These discounted premium rates are valid until the end of 2020.

The insured amounts of the package are as follows:

• € 30,000, € 50,000 or € 100,000 for Life Insurance.
• Fixed amount of € 30,000 for Permanent Total Disability and Altius Hypercover 35 (35 Critical Illnesses).
• Extra € 5,000 coverage in case of loss of life due to Covid-19.

(This new package is a supplementary benefit, as all life and health packages of Altius Insurance provide coverage in case of a pandemic.)

Below is an example of estimated premiums for a 30-year-old life insured, under the insured amount of € 30,000:

PLANS / COVERAGEInsured Amounts/Discounts/Final premium
1.Life Insurance€30.000
2.Permanent Total Disability€30.000
3.Hypercover 35€30.000
4.Waiver of Premium PaymentsPremium
Extra coverage in case of loss of life due to Covid-19€5.000
Special package discount20%
Final package premium€20,23
Extra discount for health workers10%
Final package premium for health workers€18,21

Example: In case of the life loss of the above insured life due to COVID-19, the total benefit will be € 30,000 plus € 5,000.

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