Altius Protection Plan

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Altius Protection Plan
Grounded on its constant mission to meet every demand for modern life insurance products, Altius Insurance has designed and constructed the Altius Protection Plan. An innovative insurance product that covers cases of unexpected cancer and heart disease, from their very first stages, with a lump sum of up to € 200,000.
The Altius Protection Plan, enriches the range of life and health insurance products of the company. It has been designed to provide support in cases that cannot be foreseen and need immediate and drastic treatment.
This flexible insurance plan, provides a varied lump sum amount in cases of cancer and cardiovascular diseases, received at the very early stages of detection of the disease. With this approach, the diagnosed person and relatives can focus seamlessly on treatment and recovery of the patient, without any financial concern.
This plan covers the insured person up to the age of 75 and is obtained as follow:
Basic coverage without additional benefits
Basic coverage with additional benefits
  Medical coverage
Add on coverage to basic life insurance plan
Create an extra protection shield for your family and self, by utilizing of the Altius Protection Plan. Make financial issues one less thing to be concerned off, during the unexpected life situations that may arise.
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