Altius Employer's Liability

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Altius Employer's Liability
The Company will indemnify the Insured against liability at law for damages and claimant’s costs and expenses in respect of Accident or Occupational Disease to any employee in the Insured’s immediate service caused within the Geographical Limits during any Period of Insurance and arising out of and in the course of his employment by the Insured in the type of Business specified in the Policy Schedule. The Company will in addition pay all other costs and expenses incurred with its written consent.
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Designed for any kind of employer, regardless of the number of his/her employees. It is compulsory by Law.
Employer’s liability for an accident or occupational illness suffered by an employee during their employment.
€160.000 per employee.
€3.415.000 per incident.
€5.125.000 any period of insurance.
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