Personal Accident Insurance

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Personal Accident Insurance
Provides insurance in case of a death caused by accident. This type of insurance does not obtain redemption value.
Addressed to:
Addressed to self-employed and employees.
Death caused by accident, with coverage of €25.000 to € 170.000
Optional Coverage following the accident:
Permanent Disability to pursuit the profession or another associated profession, with coverage of € 25.000 to € 170.000.
Reimbursement of income after an accident up to €342.00 per week.
Medical expenses due to the accident (coverages offered € 1.000, € 2.000, € 4.000, € 6.000)
Hospital/clinic room costs up to €43.00 per day
Age of Admission:
18 to 69 years.
Indicative Premium:
For white € 0.65 for every € 1.000 coverage for death by accident.
For drivers € 1.30 for every € 1.000 coverage for death by accident.
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