Altius Hypercover 35

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Altius Hypercover 35
Health care is a priority for all of us, whether it is ourselves or our loved ones.
Together we face the unexpected Health care is a priority for all of us, be it ourselves or our loved ones. Our ally in the effort to deal with any difficulty arises is the evolution of science, in particular medicine, which has made significant progress in modern times. When a critical illness comes unexpectedly into our lives, we want to have the best possible care from the right people. In most cases, costs are unbearable and create additional stress in the already difficult attempt for treatment.
ALTIUS INSURANCE helps you to manage unpredictable medical incidents with the plan "Altius Hypercover 35", which compensates a lump sum amount to cover the treatment cost of one or more of the 35 critical illnesses as described below:
Group 1
1. End Stage Renal Disease
2. Fulminant Hepatic Failure
3. Terminal Liver Disease (Cirrhosis)
4. Major Organ Transplantation
5. Coma
6. Major Head Trauma
7. Encephalitis
8. Primary Pulmonary Hypertension
9. Bacterial meningitis
10. Primary Amyloidosis
11. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
12. Final Illness
Group 2
13. Paralysis, Paraplegia
14. Multiple Sclerosis
15. Poliomyelitis
16. Blindness
17. Severe burns
18. Tetanus
19. Loss of Speech
20. Deafness
21. Loss of Limbs
22. Alzheimers /Dementia
23. Muscular Dystrophy
24. Parkinson’s Disease before age 65
25. Motor Neurone Disease
Group 3
26. Heart Attack (Myocardial Infarction)
27. Coronary Artery (Bypass) Surgery
28. Angioplasty
29. Aorta (Surgery of Aorta)
30. Stroke (Cerebrovascular Accident)
31. Cardiomyopathy
32. Heart Valve Replacement
Group 4
33. Cancer
34. Benign brain tumor
35. Aplastic anemia
If the Insured person is diagnosed with one of these illnesses, the amount of money chosen as cover at the commencement of the contract is payable. The sum insured can reach up to €200.000.
The beneficiary of the benefit is readily compensated with the amount insured and uses it according to his/her needs.
The main goal of the plan is to continue offering coverage even after the diagnosis of the illness.
The plan is long-term and is offered either as a primary cover without additional benefits or as supplementary cover in basic life and medical insurance.
Preconditions - Cost
People aged 18-60 are eligible for the plan Altius Hypercover 35. The duration of the plan is set at 10 years minimum and the maximum duration can be until the age last birthday of 75.
The premium can be adjusted to your financial circumstances by choosing different insured amounts, insurance duration and starts from € 6.67 / month *.
Find out in more detail about the advantages of Altius Hypercover 35 at any Altius Insurance office or your personal Insurance Advisor.
* Valid for a 20 year old who chooses the supplementary benefit